Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrueShelf ?

We develop augmented and adaptive learning platform, content and apps for high school and college students.

What are TrueShelf Apps ?

TrueShelf Apps are carefully designed visual learning apps that use machine learning and augmented reality to help students learn specific concepts in a intuitive, systematic and adaptive manner. Our machine learning platform automatically generates unlimited number of exercises along with step-by-step solutions to help students learn classroom concepts rigorously, prepare for competitive exams and get detailed feedback on their performance. Thousands of students, instructors and researchers from all over the world use our apps daily. For specific examples, check out our True Vocabulary and True Algorithms apps.

What is TrueShelf Network ?

TrueShelf Network consists of passionate instructors, reputed researchers and enthusiastic students from all over the world. TrueShelf is aimed at connecting them and helping them create, discover, discuss and share education articles, puzzles and exercises from high-school level to graduate level. We welcome you to signup and join our vibrant network.

What is the copyright policy of the content on TrueShelf ?

Content posted by users is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 license, unless otherwise specified by the user.

What are TrueShelf's content guidelines ?

TrueShelf’s content is targeted mainly at STEM education for students from high-school level to graduate level. Our main goal is to stimulate STEM education all over the world. We encourage you to write intuitive and visual articles in various branches of Science (physics, chemistry, biology, computer science), Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We especially encourage articles on topics that students often consider difficult to understand. Articles on latest technologies, research news, book reviews, teaching styles and classroom experiments are highly encouraged.

Who moderates the content ?

TrueShelf is moderated by the users in the TrueShelf Network. We also have a team of dedicated administrators to monitor new content and moderate if necessary.

Still have questions ?

Please send an email to Shiva Kintali.