Mathematics is part of our daily life and it will become even more important, since 80% of all future jobs will require STEM skills. Whether studying for school or preparing for standardized tests, many students learn mathematics in an ad hoc manner. They learn some concepts from teachers, some from tutors and solve a limited number of exercises from their textbooks. During this process they don’t receive enough feedback about their strengths and weaknesses. They just get a final grade.

Founded by Dr. Shiva Kintali, an ex-lecturer from Princeton University, TrueShelf.com is an AI powered adaptive learning platform that understands the relationships between thousands of math skills, adaptively generates an unlimited number of problems, and helps students learn mathematics rigorously by providing them instant feedback at a granular level. TrueShelf analyzes students’ abilities and identifies mistakes, from conceptual mistakes to application mistakes, and even silly mistakes, then guides them in a personalized manner.

Today we use data to improve many aspects of our lives, from fitness to business intelligence, even sports and sleep. Trueshelf brings this data-driven approach to mathematics education, making learning more effective and efficient for everybody. TrueShelf is the future of a smart textbook – dynamic, interactive and adaptive.

Thousands of students and instructors from all over the world use our platform daily.

For more details read our CEO's interview and watch our video introduction.